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Francois FORET

Francois FORET
Status : Professor.



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Center affiliation


I have been Professor of Political Science at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) since 2006. I teach both in the Department of Politics and at the Institute for European Studies.
I am a researcher at the Centre d'Etude de la Vie Politique (CEVIPOL)
I hold a Jean Monnet Chair granted by the European Commission "Social and cultural dimensions of European integration » (SocEUR, 2012-2015)

I am Director of political research at the Institute of European Studies (2007-) and President for the Doctoral School in European Studies for French-speaking Belgium, National Fund for Scientific Research (2007-).

- Coordinator of the project RelEP « Religion at the European Parliament » (http://www.releur.eu/index.html)
- member of RECON (“Reconstituting Democracy in Europe”, www.reconproject.eu European network of excellence), 2007-2011
- member of the editorial committee of journals: Politique européenne; Critique Internationale; International Political Anthropology; Korean Journal of European Integration; Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society
- member of the editorial committee of the collection "Government and the European Union" by Routledge (2010...)


I was visiting professor at : IEP de Grenoble, 12/2013; IEP d'Aix-en-Provence, 10/2013; Tomsk University (Russia), 5/2013; Fudan University (Shanghaï, China), 4/2009; Kobe University (Japan) 7/2008; 10-11/2013; à l'université de Bucarest, 4/2007; à l'Université de Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 1/2005;
Senior Associate Fellow at Von Hugel Institute, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge, 2013-2014
Visiting fellow at Georgetown University, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, 01-02/2014
Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, October 2010-January 2011
Senior Associate Member at Saint Anthony's College, Centre for European Studies, Oxford University, November 2009

Previously, I was Lecturer in Political Science at FUCAM, Mons, Belgium (2004-2006); Research Fellow at the University of Stirling (UK) and CIDEL (“Citizenship and Democratic Legitimacy in Europe” network , 5th FPR); Lecturer (2003-2004) at the Institute of Political Studies, Strasbourg, France; Lecturer (2000-2001) at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Versailles-Saint-Quentin and University and University Panthéon Assas. I started my scientific career as a PhD research fellow (1997-2000) at Panthéon-Sorbonne University.
I spent ten months (1996-1997) at the Service d'Information et de Relations Publiques (SIRPA) of the French Ministry of Defence as an advisor in political communication during my military service. I worked for short periods as a journalist for French newspapers and as a political consultant for Euro-RSCG.


POLI-D-513 Religion et politique (4 ECTS- 24h)

POLI-O-506 Séminaire en préparation des mémoires (6 ECTS - 24 heures)

POLI-D-310 Questions de science politique interne (5 ECTS)

POLI-D-207-T0 "De l'Etat à l'Union européenne", BAC 2 (4 ECTS-24h)

POLI-D-436 Identities and Public spaces in Europe !! The course is given on the two semesters in 2013-2014!! (5 ECTS)

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Research presentation

- Symbolic dimensions of politics
- European Union
- European identity
- legitimization of political orders
- Politics and religion
-> Project "Religion at the European Parliament" (RelEP, see here: http://www.releur.eu/index.html)